Phoenix Pool Service Frequently Asked Questions

Many variables effect the total cost- Size, depth, location/travel, access to yard (mini-bobcat excavation or backhoe), ground to be excavated, elevations of yard, equipment location relative to plumbing runs, electrical runs, type of interior chosen, amount of deck, remote options, water features, etc.
The presence of a swimming pool is positive and significant, especially in Arizona. Lenders consider a swimming pool as a home improvement and will look favorably upon financing. A pool will increase the value of the home, and eventually the resale value.
“Standard” pool better known as a “base” pool generally runs in size from 75 to 80′ perimeter, 350 to 400 sq. ft. of surface area. There are many “base” pool packages which are designed for different yards, and customer requirements. Please visit our construction page.
Build times are obviously based on the complexity of the pool. The majority of pools are completed within 45 days of acquiring the permit.
Options are numerous. A sample of items include
  • Upgraded Interior
  • Upgraded Lighting
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Water features
  • In-floor Circulation Systems
  • Baja Landing
  • Wet-bar
  • Benches and Steps
  • Deck Surfaces
  • Heaters
Yes! We specialize in these treatments in our renovations department. The desire for new interiors, tile, equipment modifications, heating systems, water features can come at any time after a pool has been built. Our remodeling department can help.

Phoenix Pool Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

The list is almost endless! Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations will work with you and within your budget to help you turn your old pool into your dream pool. Here are just few remodeling ideas…
  • Add a salt system
  • Add an ozone system
  • Depth conversion or shape change
  • Add a Baja step
  • Upgrade your pool cleaning system or add dedicated suction lines with 3 looped returns
  • Refinish interior
  • New waterline tile
  • Resurface your existing deck or add more to your deck
  • Add an automatic water leveler
  • Add a heater for year-round swimming
  • Add a heat pump
  • Add water features/waterfall
  • Custom boulders
  • New light fixtures
  • Add a spa
  • Update pump and filtration system


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