Phoenix Pool Service Remodeling Upgrade Ideas

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations can remodel your pool to look like new, and we are only limited by your imagination! Consider some of these ideas for your pool remodel project:

Phoenix Pool Remodeling Service
  • Add a salt system
  • Add an ozone system
  • Depth conversion or shape change
  • Add a Baja step
  • Upgrade your pool cleaning system or add dedicated suction lines with 3 looped returns
  • Refinish interior
  • New waterline tile
  • Resurface your existing deck or add more to your deck
  • Add an automatic water leveler
  • Add a heater for year-round swimming
  • Add a heat pump
  • Add water features/waterfall
  • Custom boulders
  • New light fixtures
  • Add a spa
  • Update pump and filtration system