Pool Resurfacing Care Creek Arizona

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is the ultimate choice for swimming pool remodeling or rebuilding projects.

Pool Remodeling Care Creek Arizona

We do pool replastering, provide deck resurfacing, and more. We can remodel your Care Creek pool and deck!

Pool Replastering Care Creek Arizona

Swimming pool resurfacing specialties include basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble, and sparkle quartz.

Custom Pool Build Care Creek Arizona

We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded pool construction company serving customers in Care Creek Arizona

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Care Creek Pool Resurfacing

If you have an old fiberglass or gunite (concrete) pool, take a long hard look at the surface. If you see hollow spots, chipping, or cracking, that means the waterproof membrane over the porous concrete pool shell has been compromised. The problem will get worse if you don’t address it now.

Traditional Care Creek pool surfaces are damaged by any number of things:

  • Improper water chemistry: Make sure you’re testing calcium and stabilizer levels using a test kit.
  • Disuse: Don’t let your pool sit empty. Sun exposure on a pool is particularly bad when there’s no water in it.
  • Age: New plaster finishes only last 12 years or so, which is why newer options (like fiberglass) are becoming popular. Even fiberglass, however, can be damaged over time.


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Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is a family owned and operated custom pool building company in Scottsdale Arizona and the surrounding areas. We specialize in swimming pool surfaces including basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble and radiant fusion. We provide pool remodeling, ppol resurfacing, custom pool build, pool services, pool drain and pool equipment sale and repairs.

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  • We have over 30 years of experience

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Care Creek Pool Remodeling

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is the ultimate choice for Care Creek Arizona pool remodeling, resurfacing and rebuilding ideas, Care Creek pool replastering, and deck resurfacing. For Care Creek Arizona swimming pool resurfacing, we specialize in basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble, and sparkle quartz. Much more than that, Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations can renovate your entire Arizona pool area and help transform your backyard experience from a basic play pool to a sparkling desert oasis!

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations can remodel your pool to look like new, and we are only limited by your imagination! Ideas such as depth conversion or shape change, resurfacing the pool basin, adding a baja step or a water fall, having a custom slide built, as well as adding a salt or ozone system, heater for year-round swimming, or new light fixtures are just the beginning.


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