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Pool Remodeling Phoenix Arizona

We do pool replastering, provide deck resurfacing, and more. We can remodel your Phoenix Arizona pool and deck!

Pool Replastering Phoenix Arizona

Swimming pool resurfacing specialties include basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble, and sparkle quartz.

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Pool Replastering Phoenix Arizona

Replastering a Phoenix pool means putting a new layer of plaster on the walls and bottom. What does plaster do? 

First, it serves to make your pool waterproof. Plaster avoids water leaks because it is not porous.

When you had your pool installed, the people who did it likely used either concrete or gunite to form the “shell” of the pool. The problem with both of these substances is that they’re porous. That means that they don’t hold water over time.

Not only does plaster keep the water from draining out, it also makes the surfaces of the pool look and feel nice. A newly-plastered pool will be smooth, shiny and blue.

Unfortunately, plaster doesn’t last forever. Depending on how much you use your pool and how well you clean and maintain it, pool plaster can remain viable for anywhere from seven to 20 years.


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Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is a family owned and operated custom pool building company in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas. We specialize in swimming pool surfaces including basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble and radiant fusion. We provide pool remodeling, ppol resurfacing, custom pool build, pool services, pool drain and pool equipment sale and repairs.

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What if you ignore the problem?

You’ll get stains. Over time, certain minerals that may be present in your water, such as iron and copper, can cause the plaster to stain. These stains will make the water and the pool itself look a dingy, dirty green or brown color.

The surface can become uncomfortable. We’ve mentioned lumps, bumps and scratchiness, but it bears repeating. No one wants to jump into a pool and scrape their foot, knee or hand because the plaster has worn away and left rough, painful spots.

It can compromise the structural integrity of the pool. Ultimately, this is the biggest danger. Remember, one of the biggest jobs of plaster is to waterproof the pool. Right underneath that half-inch waterproof layer is porous gunite or concrete. If the plaster wears through in spots, water will seep into this “shell” and can cause big problems over time.

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