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Pool Remodel in Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you thinking to remode your Scottsdale, Arizona pool? If your Scottsdale, Arizona pool is old, there are cracks in the surface or simply you want to improve your Scottsdale, Arizona Pool, we are the right company to call!

We offer free estimates for all projects! As a custom pool builder, we can help you discover exactly what pool and spa design you want to have created in your backyard. Our design and consultation services are available and absolutely free. 

Scottsdale, Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations can remodel your pool to look like new, and we are only limited by your imagination! Ideas such as depth conversion or shape change, resurfacing the pool basin, adding a baja step or a water fall, having a custom slide built, as well as adding a salt or ozone system, heater for year-round swimming, or new light fixtures are just the beginning.

About us

Scottsdale, Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is a family owned and operated custom pool building company in Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in swimming pool surfaces including basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble and radiant fusion. We provide pool remodeling, pool resurfacing, custom pool build, pool services, pool drain and pool equipment sale and repairs.

We offer the best Scottsdale, Arizona pool remodel service in your area. Our reviews speak by themselves. Our primary mission is to make all our Scottsdale, Arizona customers happy with their pool remodel.

You can count on us for pool remodel design, pool resurfacing, pool remodeling, pool refacing, pool draining, custom pool build and more!


How to remodel your pool

First of all we will discuss with you about the new design of your Scottsdale, Arizona Pool. We offer free design for your pool!

We decide together if to change tiles, surface, apply add-ons (such as heater, fountains, change layout...) and after draining your pool, we start the work! Our quality is always the best you can find for Scottsdale, Arizona pool remodel.

Scottsdale, Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations can remodel your pool to look like new, and we are only limited by your imagination! Consider some of these ideas for your pool remodel project:

  • Add a salt system
  • Add an ozone system
  • Depth conversion or shape change
  • Add a Baja step
  • Upgrade your pool cleaning system or add dedicated suction lines with 3 looped returns
  • Refinish interior
  • New waterline tile
  • Resurface your existing deck or add more to your deck
  • Add an automatic water leveler
  • Add a heater for year-round swimming
  • Add a heat pump
  • Add water features/waterfall
  • Custom boulders
  • New light fixtures
  • Add a spa
  • Update pump and filtration system