Cavecreek Pool Services

Make Your Pool Great Again!


Cavecreek Pool Remodeling

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is the ultimate choice for swimming pool remodeling or rebuilding projects. We do pool replastering, provide deck resurfacing, and more in Cavecreek, AZ. Swimming pool resurfacing specialties include basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble, and sparkle quartz. We can remodel your pool and deck, transforming your space into a sparkling desert oasis!


Cavecreek Pool Services

We provide the best pool service in Cavecreek, Arizona. We can provide pool drain, pool cleaning and pool equiment sale and repair. We offer weekly pool service, pool maintenance, pool repair and pool remodeling. We offer a full line of pool interiors, tile, and many other upgrades to remodel your pool! Call today for a free estimate.


Cavecreek Pool Build

We can build your custom pool in your backyard in Cavecreek, Arizona. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded pool construction company serving customers all over the Phoenix Valley and in Cavecreek area. You can count on us to build your dream pool! We are reliable and very professional with outstanding reviews from our customers!


About Us

Arizona Pool and Spa Renovations Cavecreek Arizona

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations is a family owned and operated custom pool building company in Cavecreek Arizona and the surrounding areas. We specialize in swimming pool surfaces including basic white plaster, pebble, mini pebble and radiant fusion. We provide pool remodeling, ppol resurfacing, custom pool build, pool services, pool drain and pool equipment sale and repairs.

  • Most of our business is word-of-mouth referral
  • We have the best customer service
  • We have the highest quality materials and equipment
  • We have over 30 years of experience

Cavecreek Arizona

Make Your Pool Great Again

Cavecreek is a desert city in Arizona north of state capital Phoenix.

Cavecreek Pool Services

Weekly Pool Cleaning, Pool Drain, Pool Repairs, Pool Equipment

Cavecreek Pool Remodeling

Pool Renovations, Pool Remodeling, Pool Resurfacing.

Cavecreek Custom Pool Build

Custom Pool Build in Cavecreek Arizona. Reliable, Professional with outstanding customer reviews

Cavecreek Pool Equipment

Sale and Repairs of all the Pool Equipment in Cavecreek Arizona.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you!

What area do you serve?

We provide services in Cavecreek and all the surroudings area. We also serve the entire Phoenix Arizona valley.

What can I do to remodel my pool in Cavecreek?

The list is almost endless! Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations will work with you and within your budget to help you turn your old pool into your dream pool. Refinish interior, New waterline tile, Resurface your existing deck or add more to your deck and more!

What services do you offer in Cavecreek?

Pool Replastering, Free Pool and Equipment Inspections Phoenix Pool Services, Pool Repair, Custom Pool Building, Pool Remodeling, Pool Deck Repair, Drain and Clean, Tile Cleaning, and In-house Certified Diver

May I have an estimate?

We offer free estimates for all projects. If you are not exactly sure what you want to have done, design and consultation services are available and are absolutely free. We can take your project from the idea stage to completely finished, or anything in between. The sky is the limit as far as your pool options go!