FNS Filters by Pentair

Micro-filtration for macro-clarity.

FNS® Filters have been designed with curved grids to maximize filtration area. More filter area means better performance and longer periods between cleanings. Our exclusive internal design has been refined to minimize flow restrictions, and therefore requires minimal pumping power to achieve a needed flow rate. That means lower utility costs.

Part #: 180724 | 180736 | 180748 | 180760

Quad DE Filters by Pentair

The crystal clarity of D.E. with cartridge convenience.

Quad D.E.® Filters provide the highest water clarity of D.E. with the convenience and easy-cleaning features of a cartridge filter. Four easily accessible and removable D.E. cartridges greatly increases the filter’s cleaning capacity. And, cleaning ‘t be easier. In fact, you have three options: backwash and recharge like a traditional D.E. filter, remove and rinse off the cartridges, or simply remove the lid, leave the cartridges in place, open the drain plug, and rinse.

An Eco Select Choice: Water flows very efficiently through Quad D.E.® Filters allowing the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds to minimize energy use. And when consumers rinse cartridges rather than backwash, they can significantly reduce water use, too.

Part #: 188592 / 188593 / 188594